Sunday, 24 June 2012

M - Something To Hate

( For a future update, I am categorizing all of my blogs with a letter prefacing the title of each. A legend will follow on the sidebar of the page so that users can easily see what topic is being addressed. I have more ideas for this blog than are currently being utilized due to time constraints, but I want to create the material so that there is actually something worth reading before I worry about indexing, or presentation. M, for example, is for Magic, and the idea behind the blog is that I will have topics about decidedly "average" things, the types of topics you might read about on an MSN homepage (parenting, romance, etc.) but with a decidedly Satanic slant, in keeping with the "average Joe" theme. )

Never give them something to hate, unless it is your modus operandi to simply be hated.

A friend of mine came over the other day for dinner. We were sitting around the table, and my wife pointed out that he had cut his hair; the long greasy ribbons which he used to pull back into a ponytail were missing, as was his beard, and this made him look very uncharacteristically "normal". When probed, he told us he had cut it off, himself, with a box cutter. Coming from most people, this seems rather outlandish, but this is the same person who eats nothing but Irish soda bread, purposely avoids showering, and lives in the type of Eastern European household where they wrap their remote controllers in plastic. Par for the course, but the explanation was much more interesting.

"I was kind of slacking off at work lately, taking the company van home, and otherwise doing things I wasn't supposed to." He told us. "So I thought I should go in and make an impression. I cut my hair, shaved my beard, and bought a grey golf shirt and jeans. Essentially the idea was to look more professional, because if you look decidedly average, you may not be giving people a reason to necessarily like you, but there is nothing external about you for them to hate."

He was able to systematically explain my own lifestyle in a straightforward, simple to comprehend way. He was explaining Lesser Magic in essence; the only person I have met in real life who is a practical Satanist in almost every regard, but whose constant projects and self involvement would deny him the time to even feign interest in anything as "pointless" as personal philosophy. This is a man who carves guitars from scrap wood, whose finished product rivals that of any bought in a store.

For he and I, this kind of behavior has always been well known, though he was more attuned to it earlier on. I use similar tactics in public, mostly to avoid small talk. I systematically omit parts of my personality when I am out of home in order to avoid having to talk about them. When asked questions, I will answer politely, followed up by an inquiry about the person asking in order to divert their attention. This kills the "mystery" factor, and immediately diffuses most peoples interest in me. Then I can go about my day NOT hearing about some new TV show or having to talk about books and movies with somebody who reads Twilight, and thinks that Taxi Driver is "that movie with Queen Latifah."

My friends story went on, however. After changing his appearance, he went to work the next day. His boss didn't look happy, and gave him a long stare when he got in before finally telling him, "I was actually going to fire you today. But you seemed to have cleaned up your act, so I'm going to let you off the hook for now." Anyone else telling the story would have sounded like a fucking liar, but I know better; this definitely went down, and all it took was a new shirt, a box cutter, and a razor blade.

Anything about my friend that could get him "hated", he effectively dissolved. And this is just one example of the many times I have seen this fucker unknowingly use the power of Lesser Magic to his advantage, and acquire literally anything he wanted as a result.

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