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N T P - Circumcision Laws

Oh, that was a good idea; let's talk about Jews right after we make a post about how the Nazi aesthetic wasn't all that bad. No sir, nobody is going to peg me as being an anti-Semite for that one!

To be clear, and not cowardly; I AM an anti-Semite, but only by the Jewish definition. Because from all the news stories I read about Jews getting upset over X, anytime somebody doesn't agree with their bizarre voodoo ritual practices and batshit crazy beliefs, they are an anti-Semite, too. But to be truthful, religions, ALL religions are crazy nonsense to me. It is people who come up with this shit, people who follow it, so by proxy it is people who are nuts; but in all the funny cap wearing, reading out passages while standing on one foot, and yes, even bodily mutilation, I see nothing of value or beauty which deserves to be preserved culturally. It WILL be, and I am definitely fine with that, but don't ask me to nod my head like a Republican on tour in a Mosque and try to come off as being "open minded" by occasionally whispering "hm, that is interesting."

What is interesting to me is the aerodynamics of a plane, the properties of mercury, the birth of the universe. The only thing interesting about people is just how absurdly fucked up they all are, but that's enough about defending myself from some angry Jews who might come across this.

German court rules against religious circumcision.

This was posted on Facebook by a Jewish friend of mine, and the first thing I immediately said to myself was "Uh oh, Germany? Well here we fucking go." Every single goddamn comment there and a good portion in the body article itself was an immediate attack on the German court for being made up of "Nazi's". These intellectually lazy windbags couldn't see past their own built in xenophobia from events which transpired before they were even born, created and executed by a Fascist regime which no longer exists in any substantial form except by balding southern American idiots who probably would have been good candidates for the chambers themselves had they lived in that time period. But enough about people throwing out the name "Hitler" as an easy way out of any kind of real discussion, let's take a look at what the article said.

Circumcising young boys on religious grounds amounts to grievous bodily harm, a German court ruled Tuesday in a landmark decision that the Jewish community said trampled on parents' religious rights.

The regional court in Cologne, western Germany, ruled that the "fundamental right of the child to bodily integrity outweighed the fundamental rights of the parents", a judgement that is expected to set a legal precedent.

"The religious freedom of the parents and their right to educate their child would not be unacceptably compromised, if they were obliged to wait until the child could himself decide to be circumcised," the court added.

So backwards, permanent ritual mutilation was seen as being unfavorable by some secular minded Germans, and should be withheld until the child is of an age to consent.

 "The body of the child is irreparably and permanently changed by a circumcision," the court said. "This change contravenes the interests of the child to decide later on his religious beliefs."

The court also believes that, *gasp*, religious rituals causing permanent disfigurement are - wait for it - a form of involuntary indoctrination? Oh the logic's astounding!

The head of the Central Committee of Jews, Dieter Graumann, said the ruling was "an unprecedented and dramatic intervention in the right of religious communities to self-determination."

The judgement was an "outrageous and insensitive act. Circumcision of newborn boys is a fixed part of the Jewish religion and has been practiced worldwide for centuries," added Graumann.

Yep, an archaic ritual that has been "practiced for centuries" can't be wrong, right? Like female circumcision,  disallowing blood transfusions, Sharia Law. If a trillion idiots say it's right, how can it be wrong?

My viewpoint on this is very clear; there are certainly arguable clinical benefits to circumcision, and ultimately it IS such a commonplace practice that at this point in our history, it isn't a big deal. I get that. What I don't get is how other religions are currently being forced to evolve because the general population has more and more recognized that some of their precepts and practices are bizarre, and outdated. It isn't so much an argument against Jews that "well, they should just shut up and be happy about it." A reaction is certainly understandable, and it behooves anyone really to fight for their own beliefs which is what they are doing.

I do find it bizarre how this is being singled out, but logically it makes sense to me. Kids don't deserve to have their dicks cut up over something they don't care about, don't understand, and frankly may not believe or follow once they grow up. There is nothing in the new law which says that circumcision ITSELF is illegal, just when being done for religious reasons. That alone makes it something of a paper tiger, if it even sticks at all; these guys can still have their kids circumcised they just can't cite their beliefs as a reason to do it.

It's a fairly complex issue, but what it boils down to for me personally is very simple; circmcision is not something I agree should go hand in hand with ritual. Sugarcoat it all you want, but the fact of the matter is, you are pushing your own beliefs and practices on your male children in a very tangible way which literally changes their anatomy for the rest of their lives. That is far worst than making your kid sit through boring Bible passages or go to church on Sundays; people can forget about all that awful crap and move on, but they can't get their hood back. Period.

This is forcing Jews and Muslims in Germany to take a more progressive turn in their "evolution", if it really is possible to evolve from worthless voodoo bullshit. In this case it is protecting the doctors as well.

Holm Putzke, a criminal law expert at the University of Passau, told the Financial Times Deutschland that the ruling was "enormously important for doctors because for the first time they have legal certainty."

"Unlike many politicians, the court has not allowed itself to be scared off by charges of anti-Semitism or religious intolerance," added Putzke.

And once again, just to be clear:

 The court specified that circumcision was not illegal if carried out for medical reasons.

It's great not be a Jew or a Muslim because my opinions don't have to be set at a standard which exempts me from any possible anti-Semitism. I'm anti-religion, anti-mutilation certainly...oh, and I guess, an anti-Semite, too.

..oh well. That's their standard, not mine. I just can't help but to call out a sacred cow, from time to time; sacred or not, they all produce bullshit.

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