Thursday, 26 July 2012

Alright, that's better.

So I have had some time to think about this whole thing. I think it is important I keep a blog just as an emotional outlet. Right now, I am working on two books, I am writing as much as I can for Destructoid, and you know, babies and stuff. But I have no real way to "vent" as it were, apart from Facebook where I have to keep it vanilla. So here is my morning coffee outburst.

Fucking mother shit fuck, I can't believe how stupid _____ are.

There that feels better.

Anyways, I am going to restructure the blog; not very hard. I don't think the index has any real use for anything. There are nearly as many topics as there are letters in the fucking alphabet, so forget it; let's just do this the old fashioned way, shall we?

I am sick of abandoning things when I run out of ideas, so I am going to get back into the game. Consider this both a contemplative blog, and one where I share new things. Speaking of which...

I am working on two fictional books simultaneously, for the first and probably last time ever.  They are both quite bizarre, and different from one another.

One is in the form of Anne Frank, or Zlata's Diary, except it's better because it's about aliens. An animal behaviorist goes to another planet to study a bizarre race of non-hostile lifeforms called the Nitrix. He studies their strange, co-dependant lifestyle and quickly realizes a horrifying truth; under their somewhat calm exterior lies a vicious hierarchy of cutthroat, intelligent creatures who accept he and his team as one of their tribe, meaning they must live by the rules of the Nitrix and abandon their human notions of ethics and morality.

The other one is more simple, and a little more optimistic. I'm writing it for my daughter; it's called A Girl Learned to Fly. Quite simply, it is about a girl who lives with her father. After he he gets in a near fatal accident and discovers he is drying, the girl sinks into a depression. She stumbles upon a secret about herself; that with a bit of willpower, she can actually make herself fly. As long as her head is clear of emotion and grief, she can float into the air at will. In between her complicated life and visiting her dying father, she uses her power to escape from reality, going higher and higher each time. She soon meets a boy with the same power as her; one who has since abandoned all responsibilities and emotions to exercise his new gift. They go on adventures together each night but the girl realizes she is starting to ignore everything, including her dying dad, and her power starts to fade with this sobering realization.

On at least one of these projects (there is a third, but being a collection of essays, it entirely depends on the quality of the material I write elsewhere) I have a friend interested in contributing art work. He is also a member of the CoS incidentally, so time permitting, there should be a decent collaberation there.

All in all, my goal is simple; to get as much work done as possible, period. I have wasted too much time on other things in my life, and really want to work hard to fulfill my one and only goal; to be a successful writer. Nothing should be easier, right?

The first two books are going to be self published. I am going to get a few things under my belt before I get really serious about putting manuscripts of any kind out in the wild. My first book was a fucking disaster and would never have been looked at by anyone serious. I am putting a lot of effort into the next two, and it is going well.

Also, Oh Land.

This woman is absolutely beautiful, in terms of her voice. My fucking God.

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