Saturday, 7 July 2012

R - Some "Satanists"

It's pretty easy to dislike most Christians; it's a hell of a lot easier to absolutely loathe most so called "Satanists."

I am not talking about members of the Church of Satan, or those who follow or at least understand the work of Doctor LaVey. I am talking about everyone else; and I've been talking about them way too much, so not only will this be my final post about this bottomless pit of vapid subject matter, it will also showcase a wide variety of idiots who would be first in line in my own personal gas chamber if I were to someday run the world.


In this video, the dark prince of hamburgers and chili cheese fries talks about how he yelled at people in a moving car like the brave soldier of hell he is and made himself look like a moronic dipshit. The biggest problem with this video is not that he is a loudmouth pea brained idiot with no manners; it's that some muscle bound Jesus freak didn't find him and tear his asshole inside out for being such a degenerate, gluttonous waste of life

I have no idea what this woman is talking about, and I think she would be better of going back to Rustys Tavern to finish off "happy hour wing time" instead of making another video. I think I saw her at an Alice Cooper concert hitting on eighteen year olds one time.

I wonder what city this "documentary" is set in? I'm just, y'know, trying to figure out where to drop the first bomb once I get me some. Not related to Satanism but just flabbergastingly bizzare and awful.

 Sorry guys, he's kinda high. Better reign in hell than to serve in hea- hur hur, sorry, sorry...I just thought of something funny...oh man I got the pasties right now

Yeah guys, the Church of Satan is all about getting together and discussing ideas...unless it is the internet, which is a perfectly viable tool for long distance communication and has served to aid in the creation of projects among like minded members and- nah, fuck it, forget I said anything. What I don't get is where the impression comes from that all of a sudden High Priest Gilmore has his fingers in the business of each individual member and what they choose to do. Wherever these morons are getting their information is beyond me, but I guess they wouldn't know since they aren't "part of the program" and haven't contributed anything of lasting worth themselves, apart from dull headed YouTube clips of them parading in front of low resolution cameras. 

The Church of Satan operates today exactly as it always had; all you have more of these days are jealous retards who are too immature to accept the existence of an organized entity representing Satanism as codified in the works of Anton LaVey. And thanks to the good old internet which they apparently lament, they are able to get together and do less and less than they ever would have apart, resulting in a deep chasm of mediocrity from which none of them will escape....

...and which someone should hit with a nuclear bomb, although you wouldn't want to waste any precious plutonium on those morons.

Oh and by the way this is by no means an exhaustive list of the retardation you can see on a daily basis on YouTube and abroad. The biggest sadness is that I wasted a half hour watching these stupid videos; time to go do something productive to clean the dirt off.

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