Friday, 6 July 2012

R - Satanic Shame

There is a very good reason to feel shame if you are a Satanist; and it has nothing to do with indulgence - quite the opposite, really.

It is shameful to be ignorant, dangerous to be stupid.

The people who are satisfied with television, popular music, and the idiot culture which is so pervasive in North America should feel bad about themselves. The people who spend all of their time playing video games, doubly so.

People are, or should be, naturally curious; about EVERYTHING. It is actually in our nature. But a life of mental brainwashing and chemical corruption has ruined this for entire generations. It has in turn, made people defective, useless, perfect candidates for a worldwide "bridge jumping" contest, where the only winners are everyone else who has not let this loathsome, toxic garbage infect and ruin their minds.

I think anyone who considers themselves a Satanist and is not aware of this shit to the point where they avoid it completely, or at least enjoy it in small, controlled doses (and with an air of snobbery too, since it really deserves nothing more than a smirk from anyone with half a fucking brain) should feel like shit about themselves.

A Satanist should strive to be a master in their chosen interests and obsessions. They should strive to do these things better than anyone else. Anything that gets in the way, especially something as worthless as cable TV or Xbox, should be as scraps thrown to the dogs. The dogs are the only ones with a taste undiscerning enough to devour them.

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