Tuesday, 3 July 2012

R - Some Personal Views

I hate boring any potential readership with a constant spewing of thoughts. Really, what I have been doing lately - all I have been fucking doing - is reading. I think that has driven me to be more contemplative in general, and therefore, writing about myself more often. Also, I just love myself so goddamn much that everything else seems unworthy to write about. I masturbate to my reflection in the mirror while playing my voice back to myself on a tape recorder.

Anyways, I just wanted to share some of my personal opinions on various things. Because it's fun for me.

1. Sexuality - Very simply, I am referring to any sexual deviancy, act, fetish, or orientation. The bottom line for me on this issue is that anything goes as long as it is between consenting adults. Yes, this is strictly in line with the Satanic viewpoint (gee what a coincidence) but some Satanists do have differing opinions on what they feel is right or wrong, not by some objective moral standard, but simply because they themselves are not privy to certain behaviors. I am privy to very few myself, in fact, but the simple matter is an "anything goes" policy makes the most sense to me because anything we have an urge to do is natural, and is therefore "right." When it comes down to shit like bestiality or pedophilia, I draw a line, not just for legal reasons, but because I think there is a chemical imbalance in someone who is not attracted to adult humans. And especially in the case of pedophiles, I think those people should be a blood smear on a brick wall with the pock marks of rifle fire leaving neat patterns behind their hole filled bodies.

2. Drugs - The drug issue is a sticky issue because what a drug is is so often ill defined. I consider a drug to be anything under the sun which has an addictive quality. Tobacco, caffeine, and even sugar, included. Of course, drugs are innately retarded to begin with because many of them are illegal; and becoming addicted to anything is something I find personally abhorrent, although I do understand that some addictions are less harmless than others, such as caffeine. However, I ultimately believe that drugs are for slaves, period. I do not wish to be a slave, therefore I prefer to avoid drugs...including caffeine. It's really quite simple. The only drug I would like to see widely distributed among the masses is marijuana for the reason that it keeps the slaves complacent; it's a great compliment to television and junk food, and it keeps useless people inside, and out of the way, where they belong. Conversely though I have known my fair share of fuck ups whose shit-eating self destructive lifestyles, even with something as comparatively "harmless" as pot being their driving force, caused them to bring down anyone who was unfortunate enough to spend five minutes with them. These superstitious hippy types are nothing but a drain on society, but again, the solution is simple and like revolution, it starts at the tip of a bayonet. But speaking of drugs...

3. Television - Cable TV is the cesspool of entertainment, and entertainment on the whole is quite a cesspool itself to begin with. The constant assault of advertisements, the lack of quality content, the focus and glamorization of the dregs of society all makes for a pitch perfect package of harmful toxic waste which infects anyone who is boring and incoragable enough to sit there and absorb the rays of their own personal cyclopean god. I haven't had cable in over ten years, and the only reason I had it even then was because I was living with my parents. Just like all of their other drugs however, TV successfully keeps the bottom feeders strapped to their couches and out of the way, at least some of the time. For anyone of value however, it is completely useless, outdated drivel, especially in a world where we can now pick and choose what we want to watch, if anything, in a far more discerning way. The death of TV is imminent anyways, so this topic is rather inconsequential to touch on.

4. Music - Another distraction but one I am far more supportive of. Just like any other medium, it can be abused in order to deliver auditory garbage for the masses, which is done frequently. The sub and counter cultures it creates are equally devoid of substance; a bunch of lonely hearts cliques springing up to make feel people like they are part of a community, allowing them to be pretentious and snide to anyone who likes something different than what they do. I tended to gravitate, especially when younger, to extreme forms of music; anything from grindcore to "noise", anything which sounded off key or aggravating, just as a simple reaction to the constant radio exposure I had to withstand as a child. Lately though, I rarely if ever turn the stereo on unless it's in my car, and that is usually to calm my daughter down while on a drive somewhere. I still like certain types of music, but most I can do without. Music without any sort of lyrics is best if I had to assert myself on this one to any degree. I also like RUSH because at the very least, Neil Peart is literate enough to write lyrics about something other than drugs and being fucking sad. Other than that, music is no different than televion; you may find something beautiful, a diamond in the rought; but most of it is tasteless junk food, sucked out of the grand troff by the cattle called humanity

5. Religion - Very simple here; religion, alternative philosophy, spirituality, and any belief in a deity, external force, or voodoo wizard bullshit of any kind is so completely foreign and out of my personal element that I can barely understand it even from a purely empathetic view. It is my natural inclination to outright laugh at the notions of anything but the rational existing, but having known many faithful people of one order or another, many of whom I actually care for and respect, I would never want to utter a negative word against them if only to preserve their feelings, and not to threaten our relationships. But since this blog is one where I am aiming to be as honest as possible about my true feelings on the matter; although I find some opinions more inherently interesting than others, it's the same kind of interest a five year old has about a fly right before he pulls its wings off and stomps on it. It's not something I feel a need to assert on a daily basis since religion really has no affect on my life whatsoever, but it is a concept I will never be able to even remotely sympathize with on any level.

6. Fuckin' Hitler - Every goddamn time some piece of shit Evangelist has something to say about atheists, Satanists, or any other boogeyman that threatens their beliefs simply by not agreeing, they will point out that "well, Hitler was an atheist. And he killed six million Jews. So what do you think about that?" Apart from the fact that they are DEAD WRONG, since he was NOT an atheist, here is what I personally feel about mass murder at the hands of violent dictators; welcome to PLANET EARTH. Mass murder on unprecedented scales happens practically on a daily basis because humans are the most violent animal in existence. History, ultimately, is written by the victors; so when asked if I feel Hitler is inherently "evil", the answer is no. There is no objective "good" or "evil" because there is no external force in existence to dictate the precedent for what good or evil implies. There is only nature, and nothing else; everything else is a human creation. Morality is a fallacy. Nature does have one factor which acts as a natural moral barometer, and that is "cause and effect". If you wrong someone, and don't get away with it, you will be made to experience consequences. If you are clever enough and smart enough to enact your will without being made to suffer, you are "right", because you are the victor. Hitler, in that regard, was "wrong" or "evil" because his xenophobic agenda failed to be carried out to completion. There are plenty of things which I find to be personally abhorrent, and the genocide of an entire group of people is one of them. But the rational part of me recognizes this as "old news" in comparison to the endless atrocities that have gone on throughout history. Even in scale, the Holocaust was not "unique" in that regard. I would expect nothing less from the savage beasts of mankind, so it is hard to have any kind of direct emotional attachment to an event that happened long before I was born, and which was also not exclusive in its violence and destruction; by any stretch of the word!

7. Morals - There are some people out there who try to separate Might is Right from Satanism, dismissing it as being a rant, or citing anti-semitism as a reason for why it is "wrong" in its presentation. I'll admit that I do find The Satanic Bible to be a far better executed and well rounded book in every possible way, Might is Right acted as a seed for that book in a real, tangible way, with direct passages being quoted. This was obviously done for a reason, and after several readings of Might is Right, I can honestly see very little if anything at all to have any disagreement with. Now, I would have to really sit down and analyze it further to make a commitment to that statement, as I have only sat down with it a few times, and then, far more casually than I have with The Satanic Bible. But the basic principles on morals, and how might literally does make right, are something I have nothing contradictory to say about. Ethics and morals, like history, are defined by those in power, and they change with the times; therefore, the only truly objective moral values are those which are in direct accordance to the laws of nature and reality. Therefore, I do not find murder to be morally repugnant; if it is necessary to survive, it would be morally wrong to NOT eliminate the force which was threatening you. It isn't morally wrong to do anything in fact; cause and effect is the only controlling factor in this case, and human empathy is what prevents most of us from committing truly heinous acts. It is human nature to form tribes and create rules, and systems, but the standard is different in every culture on the Earth. Are Muslims "wrong" for covering their womens faces in shrouds? Well, yes, but that is only the opinion of a westerner whose culture is far more civilized than the desert waste bins which advocate this kind of backwards behavior. Ultimately, there is no answer because "right" and "wrong" can not be definitively defined. What is "wrong" is anything which is against nature, but since it is our nature to be barbaric to one another, anything like that is simply par for the course. The only real exception to this is the fact that these cultures are usually a product of religion impeding social progress, and religion is the greatest "wrong" the human race has ever known. This world is survival of the fittest, period, and everything else is irrelevant mental masturbation.

8. Why we are here - What is the meaning of life? 42? Since it is my firm stance that our ultimate goal here is to eventually become worm food, my stance on the "meaning of life" answers itself; life. We are here, we had the privelage of being born in order to live. By the laws of survival of the fittest, it is therefore the only thing we can do to give our life purpose; and anything that detracts from that goal is detrimental, destructive, and objectively wrong. We must do that which gives us pleasure because our time here is short. The pursuit of pleasure, women and wine, and propagation is, therefore, the "meaning if life."

Someone should thank me; I finally answered that age old question.

Thank god for me.

9. The Value of Human Life - The Sea Wolf is an endlessly quotable book, especially the quotes of the "antagonist" Wolf Larsen, who really is the sole reason the book is so endlessly entertaining in the first place. To sum up human life, here are some lazily quoted bits from the book so I don't have to do any real work.

“Why, if there is anything in supply and demand, life is the cheapest thing in the world. There is only so much water, so much earth, so much air; but the life that is demanding to be born is limitless. Nature is a spendthrift. Look at the fish and their millions of eggs. For that matter, look at you and me. In our loins are the possibilities of millions of lives. Could we but find time and opportunity and utilize the last bit and every bit of the unborn life that is in us, we could become the fathers of nations and populate continents. Life? Bah! It has no value. Of cheap things it is the cheapest. Everywhere it goes begging. Nature spills it out with a lavish hand. Where there is room for one life, she sows a thousand lives, and it's life eats life till the strongest and most piggish life is left.”
Jack London, The Sea Wolf

 “Do you know the only value life has is what life puts upon itself? And it is of course overestimated, for it is of necessity prejudiced in its own favour. Take that man I had aloft. He held on as if he were a precious thing, a treasure beyond diamonds of rubies. To you? No. To me? Not at all. To himself? Yes. But I do not accept his estimate. He sadly overrates himself. There is plenty more life demanding to be born. Had he fallen and dripped his brains upon the deck like honey from the comb, there would have been no loss to the world. The supply is too large.”
Jack London, The Sea Wolf

Human life is NOT precious, and not a thing to be needlessly preserved, especially for those who do not deserve it. I would fully advocate the execution of criminals, drug addicts, and all those who actively seek to destroy, rather than contribute, something to the society around them. The biggest crime is intruding on someone elses life - hell, I think a small monetary charge should be laid down for eavesdropping, minor slander, or worst of all, trying to talk to me about the fucking weather when I am trying to read a book in the lunch room.

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