Tuesday, 3 July 2012

E - On Tolerance

Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want to. And so long as their beliefs are not harming anyone, or are do not explicitly put them in illegal territory, I am all for people believing whatever they want. This is freedom of speech, freedom of religion; but the door swings both ways.

"Tolerance" is an oft misunderstood word. People seem to think it implies an open minded acceptance of things, or that it should.

This is complete and utter bullshit.

If I tolerate something you do, it simply means I am not going out of my way to destroy your right to do it. I accept the fact that you think differently than I do; but it doesn't mean I have not formulate an opinion or judgement about you. Judgement is a necessary analytical tool because it allows us as human beings to reject that which we find abhorrent. We can siphon out all of the negative aspects of somebody we meet, and based on our judgement of them, decide if we are willing to allow them into our lives. If the bullshit piles up faster than the salvageable bits about a persons personality, it is much easier to make an informed decision about association with that person based on what we disagree on.

That being said; anyone willing to openly express any viewpoint, whether it be political, religious, or philosophical better be willing to back up and defend themselves. If they cannot, they should keep their mouths shut. The days of being exempt from judgement because your worldview is somehow "sacred" need to be put to a swift, brutal end. You should be accountable for everything that comes out of your mouth. If you aren't willing to do that, then just keep it shut.

I am a very close minded individual because through a life of experience I have discovered certain personal "truths", things I find detestable about people and which usually lead me to ignore, or cut them out of my life entirely depending on the severity of their "ailment". There is no objective moral basis for judgement; I can only understand what my own inherent opinion is, and exercise it with extreme prejudice. I am not out to debunk or attack anyone for their beliefs, and I am not looking for an argument; but I judge every single person I meet because not doing so be dishonest to my true nature as a rational animal hell bent on self-preservation.

There are so many people in the world; mistakenly missing out on the company of a few here and there who I have misjudged is a risk I'm willing to take. It happens so little anyways that it is barely a risk at all. I know myself well enough to be a good judge of the character of others. The reward of living without a single external destructive force to bring me down is far greater than the loss of another talking head who would only eventually bore me in the face of everything else that is more wonderful and worthy of my time in this world

Life is a gift, as cliche as that sounds. And I will fight to preserve mine until the very bitter end; I'll struggle until the last moments of my life pour out of me just to stay here, no matter how torturous it becomes. That is my one sole duty as an animal; to survive, thrive, and propagate. And I embrace this with every ounce of my strength, while rejecting anything - and especially, anyone - who would dare to get in my way.

 "This body was made for use. These muscles were made to grip, and tear, and destroy living things that get between me and life. But have you thought of the other living things? They too have muscles of one kind and another, made to grip, and tear, and destroy; and when they come between me and life, I outgrip them, outtear them, outdestroy them." - Jack London - The Sea Wolf

It is GOOD to be closed minded. It is GOOD to be judgmental. The only objective "good" that exists in this world is the fight for survival, and these things perpetuate it. I will tolerate others freedoms and their viewpoints, but I won't tolerate their own mediocrity becoming a toxin and infecting my character. I will fight tooth and nail against it.

After all, self preservation is the highest law.

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