Tuesday, 10 July 2012

An Aside

I am just trying to work out what my real goals are with this blog so far. It almost seems redundant in a way to have a blog about being a Satanist; I am one anyways, so anything I blog about is from that perspective. Until I can collect my thoughts on this and figure out if it is relevant, I'm going to take a short little break. Just so no one wonders where I am, if indeed anyone is reading it.

I will be back absolutely, what I am considering is more of a tweak than a complete overhaul. I am also doubting the necessity of the "index", because I think it is making me feel as though I need to decide on topics before hand, rather than classifying them after; as if such classification is necessary for anyone but me and my OCD compulsion to categorize and organize everything in a meaningful way.


  1. Look, even one reader who can find some meaning---even if it is to disagree prevents this blog thing from being a complete exercise in emotional masturbation. I like your writing and I appreciate the "normal" Satanist because, in reality, there is nothing more rare than the decent human.

  2. Heyy, thanks lady! I needed some time to figure out what I was doing, but I think that, even if it were only emotional masturbation, it is important for me to have a side project - regardless of its usefulness. So I agree in that regard, and am going to continue.

    Thanks for your comment, hope to see you around. :)