Thursday, 26 July 2012

On Being Average and Dark Forces and Thanking God

I am in a writing mood, so I thought I would touch upon two things quickly.

First; why "average joe?" What makes me average?

A lot Satanists tend to live alternative lifestyles. There are some fairly strange folks in the "collective", some who very outwardly express themselves. The archetype is a familiar one, one which was common among the classiest of the bunch; the suit wearing mysterios, the real visual movers and shakers. All of this is appropriate when done properly, and is truly a fantastic exercise in Lesser Magic.

Why I consider myself average, is because I practice the "Popeye effect." I yam what I yam. Externally and internally, I am essentially the same; there is not much dark and hidden about my personality, except for some of my more extreme political and philosophical viewpoints. I am certainly empathetic towards the plight of others, but realize that it is out of my control to do anything; thus, I have a very "might is right" adherent philosophy on life. This is nasty, and most people don't understand, or outright detest it. I hide it behind my sense of humor, so I can get away with it; that is my own magicians tool, comedy. I try to have a self-deprecating slant when I feel something I am saying is too extreme, and that helps tremendously also. I know what to say, and who to say it too.

So when I call myself average, I merely mean it in the sense that, were anyone to come into my home, they would construe me as being such. I wear Eddie Bauer and Wal-Mart. I am simple looking. I don't have arcane objects scattered around my house, unless you consider the odd pair of dirty socks to be sacred and forbidden; I just consider them to be a deadly weapon when used in the wrong hands. I like cheap things, though I can recognize things of greater value. I am not above eating the odd box of Kraft Dinner like every other Tom Dick and Harry, whereas many discerning Satanists would likely raise their nose at this. (And rightfully so, it's fucking shit. But I grew up on cheap boxed, freeze dried noodles.) I live, largely, as a prole; I have no desire or need for wealth, as it would only be wasted on foolish things. My most prized possessions are my books, and a few other trinkets. On the whole, fairly average, wouldn't you say?

As far as dark forces go...

The word Satan is used primarily for it's connotations and how it us understood in the world abroad; Satan is the great accuser, one unwilling to bow down on bended knee before oppressive ideologies. Satan represents the ultimate freedom of mans carnal nature, and everything the philosophy does nurtures man kind, raises him up rather than crushing him down.

As far as dark forces go, my view on this is quite simple; Satan represents the dark forces of nature, but that doesn't mean there is polarity. If nature is a dark force, since it is exclusively the only force you could externalize and attach a symbol too, I can't think of any "light force" as it were. My own ideology accepts the fact that nature is everything, that man relies on the laws of nature. Satan is the polar opposite of white light ideologies which have no basis of evidence to prove their existence. All in all and quite simply; implying that Satan represents "dark forces" means that it represents a rejection of falsities and untruths, and embraces the only thing we know to be true; survival of the fittest as our prime mover, self-preservation as the law of every living creature, not just man. It doesn't represent some hidden, sinister, unconscious energy, it is simply a reflection of what we know to be real, and nothing more. There is nothing esoteric about the statement, in other words, and it does not need further interpretation; this point is made clear to begin with. The only real "hidden" things Satanism represents are those which we do not have a real scientific understanding of at this point, which are referred to as "magic". Whether that is Lesser Magic, the direct manipulation of other people, or Greater Magic, the suspension of disbelief and use of dogma to create a state of catharsis and rid us of an excess of negative emotions, neither of these things are thought to come from some evil power looming in the background. We simply don't have enough scientific evidence to prove the legitimacy of the powers of Greater Magic one way or another, and that is why it is simply referred to as "magic"; it works wonders for those who practice it, but like not knowing how a bicycle works, they cannot explain the machinations behind it. Period.

So when I say things like "oh my god" or "thank god", I am not referring to the big man upstairs; obviously I can't be, since I don't believe an entity called God actually exists, and therefore do not pray to him. God to me might as well be the same word as Satan; in the same way that Satanists say "Hail Satan", when they are de facto saying "Hail myself" or "Hail carnality", using god as a common figure of speech might as well mean the exact same thing. Satanists make themselves the gods of their own subjective universe, so in reference to any god, whether it be God, Satan, Thor, Buddha, etc, they would by proxy simply be recognizing themselves. The reason I bring this up is because I have seen Satanists who refuse to use the word "god" in common speech, choosing rather to "thank Satan" even though, in normal human conversation, the word god has become as common as "there" or "shit" or "and". It is just part of English slang more than anything else, so it sounds incredibly dumb to me when people choose the inverse; it's unnecessary and awkward sounding, but that is just my opinion.

This reads like a butt fucking bunch of gobbledygook, but it's been on my mind a bit lately. That's why I'm dumping it here like a wastebin; I want it off of my brain so I can think about better things, like sex, bacon, and panda bears, and not necessarily in that particular order.

 And definitely not in relation to one another either; that would be plain weird.

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